Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Way of OTAPY CYANOYU。 オタピー茶の湯を考える

Web 2.0 are going to change the daily human communication Way; Web 2.0 は人間のコミュニケーション様式を変えようとしています。

  Japanese traditional way of tea is the human communication culture to get together with contacting each others.

  Yet,the present day, IT are changing the daily communication way drastically.

  The way of Tea is the artistic and sophyisticated cultivated way of daily life .

  Considering the generation of the accomplishment of the way of tea, the circumstance of our daily life is drasicall changed.

  The facts enforce us to find out the present and future way of human communication through the getting together to drink tea, which are not necesary limitting to drink traditional maccha.

  The most important cultural bases are consider about the evaluation of art and philosophy.

  Now,we have to consider and discuss about the evaluable definition of high art,sub-culture , and POP culture.

  We have to search to enjoy the evaluatin and inducing of the present POP OTAKU, we call OTAPY,culture to our OTAPY CHANOYU with direct and Web 2.0 comunication cultures.
私どもは、POPオタク、つまり、POPオタピーを評価し、導入をオタピー茶の湯として、直接的やWeb 2.0時代のコミュニケーション文化として楽しみながら研究する必要があると思うのです。